coming soon: ophthafutur sil heavy – our advanced and improved heavy silicone oil

ophthafutur sil heavy

ophthafutur® sil heavy is a fully fluorinated, highly purified heavy silicone oil for treatment of inferior retinal detachements.

sil heavy

Avoids head down position

Additive free

Safe and easy application

Heavier than water

Chemically stable

Highly purified



Inferior retinal detachments are currently treated by heavy mixtures of silicone oils and semifluorinated additives.

Due to the toxic profile of the additives, which are masked by the silicone oil, new substances are needed.

Inhomogenities are reported.

At low temperatures the components of the mixtures can potentially separate from each other.

A one part heavy liquid is needed.



Avoiding additives in silicone oil is the first step to developing an alternative product. Chemically binding fluor atoms to the silicone oil backbone network also avoids the usage of mixtures.

All volatile components are removed by the application of a proprietary ­purification processes.


ophthafutur® sil heavy is a one part liquid with a density of 1.07 g/cm3. The product has been purified ­applying Pharmpur silicone oil purification technology.

Heavy oil can be used in the treatment of inferior retinal detachment without the worry of low temperature storage or interaction of additives with the intraocular tissue.