Depth Effect of Cold Atmospheric Pressure Plasma in Keratitis Therapy: A Corneal Stroma Tissue Model

Christian Lingenfelder, Jürgen Kampmeier, Detlef Russ, Rainer Wittig, Christof Diener, Jens Ulrich Werner

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Ultraviolet irradiation doses for coronavirus inactivation – review and analysis of coronavirus photoinactivation studies

Martin Hessling, Christian Lingenfelder, Katharina Hönes, Petra Vatter

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EU MDR Preparations at a Glance

Pharmpur’s Chief Operating Officer, Helge Menz, explains the impact of European Union’s new Medical Device Regulation on the ophthalmic industry.

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Determination of laser toxicity


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Südwest Presse Ulm | 2016 11 09
Research project “Safe Light”


ulm-news | 2016 11 09
Hochschule Ulm untersucht Netzhautbehandlungen mit Hilfe von LED